Research & Development

ChemRoutes Corporation, as part of its mission to make drug discovery affordable for its global client base in industry (pharmaceutical, agrochemical, biotech, food and flavours), research institutes and academia has introduced a novel portfolio of research products under the ChemDiscovery Platform™.

Our employees, recruited from all over the world, have graduate school and post-doctoral scientific training at universities in Europe, Asia, and N. America. Our purpose built chemistry facilities have state of the art synthesis and analysis equipment and technologies. All personnel are WHIMS trained and compliant.

The products of the ChemDiscovery Platform™ target areas of GPCR, kinase, ion channels and nuclear hormone receptor based research. The product portfolio includes novel building blocks and templates available exclusively through our catalog offering. Custom modifications are also available. All products are shipped with Certificate of Analysis and MSDS documentation and are guaranteed at > 95% purity.

In order to improve the hit rates during screening, our further product offerings include focused libraries of small molecules; this enhances internal compound collections of industrial partners, while simultaneously increasing the availability of screening compounds available for academic partners.