ChemDiscovery Platform™

Advances in structural biology, binding interactions, chemical biology and chemical genomics have given rise to targeted approaches to studying diseases. New targets are being identified for a variety of  therapeutic areas. The new imperative is to design and synthesize new chemical entities as collections of small molecule screening libraries. These focused, though structurally diverse sets of molecules could provide crucial insight into structure activity relationships (SAR).

The ChemDiscovery Platform™ is based on structural analysis of different target families (G-protein coupled receptors, kinases and ion channels) and utilizes privileged structures such as spirocycles, bicyclic and tricyclic templates containing bridgehead heterocyclic atoms. This analysis then serves to provide a novel collection of compounds, and templates which are drug-like and not target dependent. These substructure compounds then serve as a starting point for both early drug discovery (broad based screening) and lead optimization (focused hit to lead screening) research programs.

The ChemDiscovery Platform™ for drug discovery helps translate novel therapeutic strategies into significant advantages over current drug targets by allowing for the seamless integration of the early stage discovery, medicinal chemistry and even process chemistry. Design of appropriate chemical scaffolds, building blocks and chemical arrays allows for the creation of novel small molecule collections which help modulate all aspects of human biology and undruggable targets.