254th American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition
August 20-24, 2017 – Washington, DC

A national meeting where leaders and dignitaries across the chemistry world converge to discuss the contemporary and most modern developments in chemical technology. 11,000 to 13,000 chemists, chemical engineers, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and other related professionals hear the latest information in their areas of professional interest, network with colleagues and offer researchers the chance to publish their work at one of the most respected scientific meetings in the world. Meet us there to find out more that we can do for you!

2017 Second Boston Symposium of Encoded Library Platforms (BSELB)
August 4, 2017 – Waltham – MA

The BSELB will assemble world experts and passionate followers of encoded library based platforms (DNA-encoded libraries, aptamers, affinity selection/mass spectrometry) to collaborate in a day filled with presentations and discussions of this quickly advancing field. It will attain global consensus within the chemical and chemical biology front in regards to drug discovery and research. With the possible collaborations and business opportunities to push forward the latest advances in this already burgeoning field, this conference will be premier place for any aspiring or veteran chemist, chemical engineer or student. See you there!

High Throughput Chemistry & Chemical Biology Gordon Research Conference
June 25-30, 2017 – Andover – NH

The conference represents the frontline of the chemistry and chemical biology field, as it pertains to both research and development. The conference will gather speakers and attendees from industry, academia and other research institutions for collegial and dynamic discussions of the latest methods, modalities, and mechanisms from chemistry and their use to impact chemistry, chemical biology, and medicine. Selection of glycosylated aptamers as HIV vaccinations, DNA-Free DNA-Encoded Libraries, ALIS Affinity Selection in Pharmaceutical Discovery and Microfluidic Strategies for Directly Evaluating Function in DNA-Encoded Libraries will all be topics of discussion at this conference. Swing by our poster to learn more about how ChemRoutes can be involved with your DNA encoded library needs.

2017 BIO International Convention
June 20-24, 2017 – San Diego – CA

The world’s premier gathering of key players in the biotechnology field. The biotechnology of the future will be available at this meeting for consumption and observation. Business partnerships, participating in the world-class biochemistry seminars, and presentation of hundreds of the industry’s leading innovators will make this convention the must-be place for any person working in the biochemistry field. Stop by our booth to learn more!