ChemRoutes Corporation, using its internal proprietary technology has designed new and novel scaffolds (ChemCores™) for research as new pharmaceutical and agrochemical entities. The patentable structures possess two to three points of diversity built into the parent molecule. They are available non-exclusively and can be purchased directly from ChemRoutes through its catalog offering. Specialized collections include but are not limited to; spirocyclic, bicycle and tricyclic systems with single, bridgehead or multiple heterocycle atoms. Custom synthesis and various modifications of the ChemCores™ based on client research needs are available for exclusive purchase.

Focused collections of building blocks (ChemKits™) based on known fragment based substitution patterns with known structure activity relationships (SAR) are available for non-exclusive purchase through the catalog offering. Custom expansions of the collections are available for purchase on an exclusive basis. Collections include but not limited to; biaryl amines, biaryl acids, biaryl aldehydes, methyl amines, azetidines, 1,2-diamines, and imidazoles.

These are available in quantities of 250 mg, 500 mg, 1 gm, 5 gm, 25 gm and 100 gm.

In response to the need for new screening libraries based on recently identified targets, and to enhance internal historical compound screening collections, ChemRoutes Corporation has launched its unique collection of small molecule based compound libraries (ChemArrays™) either based on its ChemCores™ or client proprietary core collections. These focussed libraries have 100-250 compounds built around each core. ChemArrays™ are available either on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

These are available in quantities of 1 mg, 2mg, 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg or 30 mg.

Target specific screening collections are available in 80 compounds, 800 compounds, 2000 compounds.